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Honey Bee Info

Do you see Honey Bees in your yards like you used to?

We are always asked, are the honey bees still struggling?  The answer is a simple YES.  The honey bee is very key to our survival. They are small mighty creatures that pollinate 85% of the food we eat.

At Huckle Bee Farms, we are continuing to study and improve new ways to handle what is being thrown at the Bees. It's not uncommon for a beekeeper to lose 25-40% of their hives every year.  This creates a major problem for the growth of the population.

So what is the cause?

You, me and everyone else.  The Honey Bees, like frogs are an early warning signal for mankind.

  • More Chemicals are used, weed killers on yards

  • Pesticides

  • Farmers using more chemicals

  • Contaminated water supply

  • Possibly the increasing use of Cell Towers.

  • New predators like the Varroa mite. 
The Varroa mite can reproduce only in a honey bee colony.  It attaches to the body of the bee and weakens the bee by sucking fat bodies.  Weakening the Bee to various diseases.  

 Being hit with one problem, they might make it, but being hit from all angles makes it hard to handle.

Some Photo's To Help ID Honey Bees

What do Honey Bees Look Like?

So often we find people identify Yellowjackets as honey bees. We hope this help.

Honey Bee Swarm

Every May and June the Honey Bee swarms. They divide the hive and the current queen leaves with about 4000 bees. When you see a swarm of bees, do not panic as they are just resting and will move on shortly.

This is a wasp Nest

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