Infused/Flavored Honeys

1 LB Apple Infused Honey
1 Lb Blueberry Infused Honey
1 Lb Cinnamon Infused Honey
1 Lb Garlic Infused Honey
1 Lb Habanero  Infused Honey
1 Lb Mint Infused Honey
1 Lb Orange Infused Honey
1 Lb Raspberry Infused Raw Honey
1 Lb Root Beer Flavor Honey
1 Lbs Lemon Infused Honey
Ginger Infused Honey

Latest Recipes

Quick Dandelion Honey Wine

Quick Dandelion Honey Wine
Ah, spring! The trees come into leaf, plants bloom again and the green lawns are covered with ... dandelions. Dandelions, whose scientific name is Taraxacum officinale, are a member of the aster family. Its popular name is the English corruption of the elegant French name, dent-de-lion, or “lion’s tooth.” (The...

Strawberry Oatmeal Bars

Strawberry Oatmeal Bars
Healthy STRAWBERRY OATMEAL BARS filled with juicy strawberries and a buttery crumble topping for only 132 calories a serving! Serve it for breakfast, dessert, or eat it as a snack! Just make it! Ingredients Crust & Crumble: 6 tablespoons unsalted butter, melted 1½ cups white whole wheat flour 1½ cups...

Homemade Honey Granola recipe

Homemade Honey Granola recipe
Great Recipe from Stacey Kish that is very easy and fun to make. INGREDIENTS 16 cups (about 42 oz container) rolled oats 1 cup of butter, margarine, or coconut oil (I use coconut oil) 1 cup of Huckle Bee Farms Honey (your choice) 1/4 cup molasses ( I use a tad...

Our Passion


Welcome to our family here at Huckle Bee Farms.  My name is Jim Douglas, founder, owner, keeper of the bees.  My love and fasciation of Honeybees started at an early age, as I remember one Christmas Santa brought me a microscope with slides of different bee parts.   I spent hours staring at them, pretending I was a mad Scientist.   Later in my youth, my neighboring farm raised bees and I was always ready to lend a helping hand.  Many years have passed, but in 2012 we started Huckle Bee Farms.

My passion is bees but my true love is sharing their world with those who ask.  From school aged youth to customers at different events, it is alway fun to inform the public of the need for pollinators and the value of raw honey.  

We at Huckle Bee Farms, have taken raw Honey to a whole new level by infusing it with different fruits and vegetables to add nature organic flavors to our Honey.  Used straight from the bottle on toast or bagels, as a complement to any recipe, or in place of sugar or other sweetener to add organic natural flavors.  Our mission is to “give your taste buds a treat” and to expand your knowledge of an age old condiment.

Bee Removal and the Honey Bee Swarm


As you may know, the honeybee is at a critical junction and dying off at an alarming rate.   Without the honeybee, food production will slow to dangerous levels. 

We at Huckle Bee Farms, will professionally and safely remove accessible “honey bees” and swarms from exterior objects such as tree’s (with wood removal), signs or posts of any source, homes or any building (removal of walls may be required), and or etc., just call us. The removal maybe FREE of charge depending on the services needed. Our goal is to help the homeowner and save the honeybees.  Please remember that if you have bees inside a building or structure of any sort, there maybe repair work needed when finished.  It is important to remove all honey, as this will attract rodents. With any service please call so we can discuss the situation in further detail. If you have any questions, please feel free to give me a call.  My cell phone is always with me.

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