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Save the Pollinators

$ 5.00


Adopt & Name Your Own Unique Bee Free, with each product purchased. Learn More

  • No Added Sugar
  • Organic Honey
  • Environmentally Focus

At Huckle Bee Farms, we are very concern about all Pollinators and not just the Honey Bee. Please support our efforts in educating and providing the proper environment for them to survive. More Info.

Learn About Pollinators

"give them a helping hand"

  • Protect The Pollinators

    Protect The Pollinators

    It's impossible to overestimate the importance of pollinators — to plants, animals, people, ecosystems — to the survival of the planet as we know it.
  • Honey Bee Information

    Honey Bee Information

    Do you see Honey Bees in your yards like you used to?

    We are always asked, are the honey bees still struggling?  The answer is a simple YES.  The honey bee is very key to our survival. They are small mighty creatures that pollinate 85% of the food we eat.

  • Hummingbird Information

    Hummingbird Information

    Hummingbirds are any of the 300-odd species of small, brightly-colored birds belonging to the family Trochilidae. Native to the New World, these are some of the smallest birds that exist and are named so because of the humming noise created by their flapping wings. Hummingbirds resemble sunbirds and honeyeaters in behavior and appearance.
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Save the Pollinators

$ 5.00

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