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  • Fried Zucchini with Spicy Mango Honey: A Flavorful Twist - Huckle Bee Farms LLC

    Fried Zucchini with Spicy Mango Honey: A Flavorful Twist

    Step into your kitchen to create fried zucchini with spicy mango honey, a delightful dish combining crunchy zucchini with a sweet and tangy drizzle.
  • Frried Honey Corn

    Tasty Skillet Honey Corn Recipes: A Must-Try Guide

    Our Skillet Honey Corn Recipes, including the beloved creamed corn and various mixed vegetables dishes, have always been a staple in kitchens around the world, offering a versatile foundation for an array of cast-iron and side-dish options that cater to every taste and occasion, especially during thanksgiving, where seasoning, garnish, and the method of sautéing play a crucial role.
  • Grilling with Honey

    How to Grill with Honey: Easy Step-by-Step Guide

    Adding honey to your BBQ repertoire introduces an ambrosial layer of flavor that not only caramelizes beautifully under direct heat but also helps tenderize the meat. With varieties like Garlic Infused Honey or Spicy Mango Honey,
  • Step-by-Step Guide to Classic Cinnamon Honey French Toast - Huckle Bee Farms LLC

    Step-by-Step Guide to Classic Cinnamon Honey French Toast

    With the enticing aroma of cinnamon and honey wafting through the air, a classic cinnamon honey French toast elevates not only the mood but also the dining experience, offering a cozy comfort that’s perfect for weekend brunches or a lavish breakfast treat.
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How We Do It...

First Step in Our Process

Everything Is Prepared By Hand.

When it comes to producing honey, the process of "Everything is prepared by hand" can refer to the various steps involved in the production process.

Second Step in Our Process

Infused in the Honey.

Infusing honey is a process that involves adding flavors, spices, or other ingredients to honey to enhance its taste and aroma. This process can be done manually and with care, resulting in a high-quality product that is both delicious and unique.

Finally Bottling the Heavenly Gold

Every Bottle is HAND poured and HAND Labels with care.

To ensure that each bottle is poured by hand, the process typically involves a person manually filling each bottle with the product. This can be done using specialized equipment or by simply using a funnel or other tool to carefully pour the product into the bottle. The person doing the pouring must pay close attention to the volume of the product to ensure that each bottle contains the correct amount.

Benefits of Honey

Raw Honey Vs Honey - What is the Difference?

Is raw honey the same as the honey you find on your grocery store shelves? What does it mean when the honey is labeled “pure,” “organic,” or “natural”? Which among these types of honey is the sweetest or the healthiest? This article answers your most important questions about this elite superfood.

Anyone can buy a bottle of grocery store honey, but that doesn’t mean you get the true honey experience. Those who settle for regular honey miss out on a world of unique honey flavors and characteristics. Every spoonful of raw honey is a sweet tribute to the hive it came from, and no two bottles are the same.

What separates the two kinds of honey? Learn all about it with this overview of the difference between raw honey and regular honey.

How It’s Made

All honey starts at the same source: the harvest from a honey beehive. Beekeepers remove the bee frames from their hives and place them in a honey extractor. The extractor spins the frames, releasing the honey so that it drips down to the bottom of the extractor’s drum.

From there, beekeepers filter the honey to remove debris, such as wax or pieces of honeycomb.

Meanwhile, regular honey goes through a pasteurization process, which involves heating the honey to a high temperature to destroy the microorganisms within it. Pasteurization also turns the cloudy and opaque appearance of raw honey into the smoother and clearer consistency that you see on regular honey.

However, the pasteurization process also strips raw honey of many enzymes, minerals, and amino acids. This means that the resulting product lacks many characteristics that make raw honey special.

Is Pure Honey the Same as Raw Honey?

It’s easy to confuse pure honey and raw honey, but they are technically different types of honey.

The unrefined honey that is freshly taken from the hive and directly packaged without pasteurization is what is called raw honey. Raw honey either comes in unfiltered or filtered form, so don’t be surprised if your honey still contains pollen, bee parts, and honeycomb pieces. They are as close to the honeycomb as you can get.

A jar of honey labeled pure generally means it was not diluted with other ingredients like corn syrup. Most pure honey has been pasteurized and filtered to remove all the debris. The resulting product is still 100% honey; however, the label itself doesn’t always tell you much about how it was produced.

How Honey can help with a Boo-Boo

The Medical Community is now using honey to help with
wound care. It can help speed up the healing process.

Have Questions...

Our Infused Honey is crafted and bottled on demand in small batches and shipped directly to you. We do this so you get the best Honey and it arrives fresh. There’s hardly ever any unsold inventory. Occasionally you may luck out as we just finished an infusion the day you order and have a extra bottle. A tracking number will be emailed when shipped.

Shipping: Few Days - 2 weeks

We use nothing but Raw Honey and Organic Fruits and Veggies. Follow below for Nutrition Information.

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If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at  

Your message is important to us and will try to respond quickly.

 If it is more urgent, please call us at 724-747-7855.

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"giving your taste buds a treat"

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Fried Zucchini with Spicy Mango Honey: A Flavorful Twist
Table of content Ingredient List for fried zucchini with spicy mango honey For the...
Tasty Skillet Honey Corn Recipes: A Must-Try Guide
Table of content   Delicious Skillet Honey Corn Recipes You'll Love Why Honey Butter...
How to Grill with Honey: Easy Step-by-Step Guide
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