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Ice Cream Party

Ice Cream Party

Habanero honey and vanilla ice cream is a delightful combination of sweet, spicy, and creamy flavors. It brings together the rich and familiar taste of vanilla ice cream with the bold and intense heat of habanero pepper-infused honey. This unique flavor pairing can create a memorable dessert experience for those who enjoy a touch of spiciness in their sweet treats.

This super simple addition to Vanilla Ice Cream will blow your taste buds away and have them coming out and smack your face.  You get the cold of the ice cream, taste of vanilla, taste of honey, then some heat but because its dairy, the heat goes away and starts over on the next spoon full. You will truly enjoy!

Huckle Bee Farms

Habanero Honey Huckle Bee Farms

Habanero Infused Honey

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