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Peach Infused Honey


$ 14.00


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  • No Added Sugar
  • Organic Honey
  • Environmentally Focus

Peach Infused Honey-100% Pure Honey

Experience the exquisite blend of juicy peaches and pure, unadulterated honey in our Peach Infused Honey. Indulge in the sweet, fruity flavor that perfectly complements a variety of dishes, from drizzling over pancakes to adding a hint of elegance to your charcuterie board. Our Peach Infused Honey is carefully crafted using only the finest, hand-picked peaches and locally sourced honey, ensuring a truly authentic and delicious taste. Whether you're a health-conscious individual looking for a natural sweetener or a culinary enthusiast seeking to elevate your recipes, our Peach Infused Honey is the perfect choice. With its delightful combination of flavors and its commitment to environmental sustainability, each bottle of Peach Infused Honey is a must-have for any honey lover.

Flavor Profile:

The flavor profile of our Peach Infused Honey is a harmonious blend of the natural sweetness of honey and the juicy, vibrant taste of ripe peaches. The honey provides a rich, smooth base, while the peaches add a burst of fruity goodness. Together, they create a deliciously balanced combination that is both sweet and refreshing. Whether you're drizzling it over pancakes, adding it to your favorite tea, or using it as a glaze for grilled meats, our Peach Infused Honey will elevate your culinary creations with its irresistible flavor.

Key Points: Peach Infused Honey

  • Exquisite blend of juicy peaches and pure honey
  • Versatile flavor that complements a variety of dishes
  • Crafted with hand-picked organic peaches and 100% pure honey
  • Perfect choice for health-conscious individuals and culinary enthusiasts
  • Commitment to environmental sustainability
  • An orchard in mid summer, is loaded with ripen peaches from all the hard work our bees do in the spring. Your support along with the nectar for peach trees will help the survival of pollinators and preserves our future.

Uses of Peach Infused Honey:

  • Drizzle over pancakes or waffles for a sweet and fruity twist
  • Add a touch of elegance to your charcuterie board by pairing it with cheese and cured meats
  • Use as a glaze for grilled chicken or pork for a deliciously sticky and flavorful finish
  • Stir into yogurt or oatmeal for a naturally sweet and aromatic breakfast
  • Incorporate into salad dressings or marinades for a unique and tasty twist


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How We Do It...

First Step in Our Process

Everything Is Prepared By Hand.

When it comes to producing honey, the process of "Everything is prepared by hand" can refer to the various steps involved in the production process.

Second Step in Our Process

Infused in the Honey.

Infusing honey is a process that involves adding flavors, spices, or other ingredients to honey to enhance its taste and aroma. This process can be done manually and with care, resulting in a high-quality product that is both delicious and unique.

Finally Bottling the Heavenly Gold

Every Bottle is HAND poured and HAND Labels with care.

To ensure that each bottle is poured by hand, the process typically involves a person manually filling each bottle with the product. This can be done using specialized equipment or by simply using a funnel or other tool to carefully pour the product into the bottle. The person doing the pouring must pay close attention to the volume of the product to ensure that each bottle contains the correct amount.

Have Questions...

We use nothing but Raw Honey and Organic Fruits and Veggies. Follow below for Nutrition Information.

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Our Infused Honey is crafted and bottled on demand in small batches and shipped directly to you. We do this so you get the best Honey and it arrives fresh. There’s hardly ever any unsold inventory. Occasionally you may luck out as we just finished an infusion the day you order and have a extra bottle. A tracking number will be emailed when shipped.

Shipping: Few Days - 2 weeks

If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at  

Your message is important to us and will try to respond quickly.

 If it is more urgent, please call us at 724-747-7855.

Peach Infused Honey - Huckle Bee Farms LLC

Peach Infused Honey

$ 14.00

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